Blue Miss Lulu Studded Shoulder Bag

Blue Miss Lulu Studded Shoulder Bag

Blue Miss Lulu Studded Shoulder Bag

Description: This studded designer inspired structured shoulder bag comes in  full grain leather style with vibrant blue colour. The  studded front panel design is very stylish and perfect for the Notebook / Office / iPad / Casual everyday use. Continue reading

Miss Lulu: Ladies Designer Leather Tote Shoulder Handbag

Black Designer inspired Leather Style shoulder bag

Black Designer inspired Leather Style shoulder bag

Description: With a free skull patterned Scarf, this stunning designer shoulder bag is made with super high quality grained leather and has a styled finish. It also comes with added adjustable and detachable cross-body strap, zipped access in main compartment, mobile pocket and a small open pocket and one zipped pocket. And just to keep it safe and clean it comes with a protective dust cover for when not in use! Continue reading

Inviting huge crowd towards fashionable designer women handbags?

In most of the cases, the wholesale women handbags are highly entertained for getting greater cost advantages. If you are retailer dealer of women handbags, then you must look for the online wholesale dealers of fashion bags for ladies for purchasing in bulk with price discounts. You can also collect different rarest fashion women bags for getting more customers from the targeted community.

Do not only target the high-class ladies but also concentrate on all category ladies for expanding your client list. This is one of the greatest retail business tricks that can definitely fetch you a lot of revenues from your retail business of fashion and designer handbags for women. You can also create a gift section from where the ladies can easily pick up the most attractive handbags that can be provided as gifts to friends or relatives.

The gift section will be highly impactful and will help you to drag the attention of maximum women. Occasional or promotional discounts and gift cards are need to be provided as one of the best promotional means so that you can get a huge crowd at your online store. You can also for taking these items from women handbags wholesalers. In fact, by this means you will not be able to get more new customers but your existing customers will always stick to your store for the purchase of any fashionable ladies bags. You can keep the stocks of the handbags wholesale for inviting more rush towards your stores as this particular women handbag is gaining a great fame currently in the market.

Purchase latest bags from online handbags wholesalers at discount rates

Handbags wholesalers can provide you with various sizes and types of bags at affordable prices.If you purchase handbags from wholesalers, then you can get to purchase the latest and trendy designer bags at cheap prices. When it comes to handbags, then women always love to purchase the designer handbags that are widely common. But they are horribly expensive and often beyond the affordability of middle class women. With online wholesalers you can purchase products at much cheaper prices that what the offline wholesalers could provide you with. There is no need to worry about the customer service. Read more..

Get Stylish and Trendy Women Handbags from Wholesaler:

If you are a guy and looking for stylish women handbags for your loved ones then it could be a little bit hectic for you while choosing it. But if you are a girl and looking for the same then I am sure there would be no problem for you.  But sometimes both of the gender get confused about the brands, style, designs etc and don’t know what type of handbags are in vogue today, what and from where it should be bought. Read more..

Various Benefits of Buying the Satchel Handbags Wholesale


The satchel handbags are trendy accessories that you can carry with you to your place of work. They are commonly sold in colours like white and black and can be used by both men as well as women to any office or event. More and more customers of such bags around the world are buying these bags on a wholesale basis from the retail outlets that exist. This is because there are several benefits of doing so, some of which you can keep in idea in order to consider making a good purchase later on.

When you buy the satchel bags on a wholesale basis you get to avail of them at incredibly low prices and thus save a good amount of money on your shopping. The price which you pay for them is also one that is inclusive of the sales taxes.  The wholesale handbags come in a wider range of shapes and designs than those which you get to see in the mainstream market and they are also larger in size. You thus get to buy bags which are of a better quality and which can be used over a sufficient length of time.

The satchel handbags wholesale are made of pure leather and are thus not likely to incur wear and tear too easily. Taking care of them is fairly easy to do and all that you need to do is dust these on a regular basis with a soft cloth. Such bags are not susceptible to holes made by rats and insects.

Buy the Best Accessories from Handbags Wholesalers


Handbags are essential items that you need to carry with you when you go out of the house to do your work. By purchasing stylish bags you will be able to compliment your overall appearance. Bags while available in plenty in the market are not always cheap to buy, especially if these are items that are large in size and have been manufactured by famous companies. If you want to buy accessories like bags for prices that are fairly moderate, you need to purchase them on a wholesale basis.

The internet search engines and marketing engines can provide you with useful information about where to come across hand bags on a wholesale basis. These are persons from whom you can buy four to six of such bags for the price of one or the price of two. There are also retail stores online that you can visit for the bulk purchase of items like handbags. You can be rest assured that although you buy them in wholesale, these bags will not turn out to have any defects in them.

The handbags wholesalers operate all through the year and carry out the maximum selling in the holiday season. This is the time when they make the best varieties in the market available to you. You can pay for these items using either your credit card or in cash. If any of these bags do turn out to have defects you can always exchange them for one that is in better condition.

Why choose satchel handbags wholesale store?

Women who want to purchase a designer handbag that can help them to look fashionable and stylish should consider purchasing satchel handbags to fulfill their purpose in the best way. In present scenario, majority of women prefer to buy these designers handbags. Designer handbags have always been the weakness of women. A designer handbag can surely enhance the look and personality of women in any special occasion. If you are going to attend any grand party then it would be really good for you to carry a designer handbag with you rather than ordinary one. The best thing about these bags is that these are also obtainable at highly affordable rates with the support of some concerned satchel handbags wholesale stores, these days.

Over the World Wide Web, you can easily find some stores that are offering these designer handbags at quite affordable rates today. Therefore, you need not to get worried about the high rates of these designer bags. Though, these handbags are much expensive as compared to other brand’s designer handbags but wholesale store can surely help you effectively in this regard. By availing the services of some satchel handbags wholesale stores, you can easily bye these designer bags at absolutely lower prices in no doubt.